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Maintenance & Operations
In the Support Service function, we provide you with IT support and assist you to reduce costs. We maintain and monitor your technology environment seamlessly, proficiently, and diligently so that your internal resources is freed up to grow your business.
  • We have a world-class break-fix business with a unique ability to offer comprehensive Service Level Management, including restoration commitments.
  • Our excellent monitoring service provides reactive monitoring and proactive health checks.
  • We provide value-added service elements to increase network stability and reduce the likelihood of failures.
  • We reduce costs by providing quality service that is difficult for clients to deliver cost-effectively themselves.

Managed Services
You may under pressure to deliver real, quantifiable value to the business? Are you struggling to draw and retain specialist skills and to improve IT Service Management efficiency whilst at the same time being asked to do more for less? Our Managed Service solution can help you no matter what size or type of business you are; we are able to support, monitor and manage truly mission critical IT infrastructures even in the most challenging of environments. We can be your eyes, ears and hands, proactively preventing and identifying issues and promptly resolving them to ensure the business continues unhindered.

IT Services outsourcing
In this competitive edge, we help our customer to keep pace with the speed of business and deliver products and services that satisfy your customers' demands. We work behind the scenes to help you achieve your business goals by delivering services that simplify and streamline your IT environment for operational excellence. TVNL is working behind the scenes to help businesses and government agencies succeed. That's why we are the business ally of choice behind so many successful companies and can be for you too. Currently we provide service support to the following companies on behalf of British Telecom & Data-craft.
  • Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)
  • BASF
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Fast Data
  • Novartis

Security services & Auditing
TVNL IT Audits solutions provide our clients with complete visibility of what is on their network, including all active network equipments as well as desktop, laptops, servers right through to network printers and all network accessories. We are also able to find and identify the growing number of items introduced to the workplace by your employees; such as Flash Drives, USB Sticks etc. The objective of the TVNL IT Audit is to provide your business with critical information about your IT environment. The audit will provide stake holders with access to reliable information about your IT assets, therefore allowing you to make more informed decisions as they relate to the finances, security and productivity of your IT assets.

Professional service
TVNL Solutions offers consulting services in a wide variety of Advanced Technology solutions. Some of these engagements include security assessments, network and systems audits and disaster recovery assessments. All of our consulting engagements utilize personnel that are hands-on senior level technical consultants with a minimum of seven years experience in their area of expertise. Because we focus on a core group of technologies, our consultants are able to maintain the highest level of technical certification on the products and solutions that we recommend and support. Our engineers can lead projects or contribute knowledge and ideas in conjunction with your in-house IT team.

Secure Network Infrastructure Assessment
  • Identifies and catalogues all IT equipment deployed in the customers network
  • Creates an asset database
  • Identifies all end-of-sale and end-of-support components
  • Analyses device configurations for security and network configuration best practices
  • Analyses operating system version and patch revisions against the deployed configurations to determine security and downtime risk
  • Analyze/Audit business requirement and prepare audit report with Industry Best Practice Suggestions.

System re-engineering
We TVNL team want to say that the re-engineering of legacy systems -- by which we mean those that significantly resist modification and evolution to meet new and constantly changing business requirements'' -- is widely recognized as one of the most significant challenges facing engineers. The problem is widespread, affecting all kinds of organizations; serious, as failure to re-engineer can hamper an organizations attempts to remain competitive; and persistent, as there seems no reason to be confident that today's new systems are not also tomorrow's legacy systems.

IT Consulting
Risk assessment and remediation Vulnerability assessment service (wired and wireless)
  • Network reconnaissance and penetration testing
  • Zero-knowledge assessments
  • Full-knowledge assessments and recommendations
  • Hybrid security vulnerability assessments
  • Vulnerability scanning software and appliances
  • Custom security testing services

Pre-Sales Support Services
TVNL Solutions focuses on delivering Advanced Technology solutions that bring the most value to your business. Our five-step process of plan, design, integrate, operate and optimize ensures that the solutions we provide fit the needs of your business. At the beginning of every project, our Networked Solutions assigns an account manager, a pre-sales engineer and a principal engineer to the project.

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