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Business Intelligent- When competing in fast moving markets one need easy access to the facts about all one's business operations in order to improve their decision making and performance. Business Intelligence (BI) in such is vital for success, which is why investing in BI is a top priority to aid competitiveness.
CRM- The term "Customer Relationship Management" has managed to become an integral part of successful on-line businesses as the connecting link between a company and its customers. Every company should better understand its customers and their needs by adopting CRM solutions. CRM (customer relationship management) is an information industry term for methodologies, software, Hardware and usually Internet capabilities that help an enterprise manage customer relationships in an organized way.
DWH- Data warehouse is a repository of an organization's electronically stored data. Data warehouses are designed to facilitate reporting and analysis. Definition of the data warehouse focuses on data storage. However, the means to retrieve and analyze data, to extract, transform and load data, and to manage the data dictionary are also considered essential components of a data warehousing system, and we TVNL have been in business of providing the Hardware solution for such.
E-Commerce- Electronic Commerce or business methods enable companies to link their internal and external data processing systems more efficiently and flexibly, to work more closely with suppliers and partners, and to better satisfy the needs and expectations of their customers.
HW solution for ERP- ERP solutions helps you to improve your business performance through better integrated systems and operations. But these applications can be large and need a partner with expertise in delivery, customization and support to deliver maximum value for your business. As a proven independent systems integrator on major projects with extensive experience of change management, we can design, implement and manage the best HW solution for ERP.
End to end networking solution- Communication defines today's business landscape. Interaction with colleagues, clients, suppliers, business partners and information sources is constant and pervasive. Organizational productivity and effectiveness depends on 24x7 online, real-time access from any location and any device as PC, laptop, PDA, cell phone or TV.
The network is at the core of this communication and interaction, providing the fast, secure connectivity that drives business operations. Our network integration solutions and services ensure that your communication networks deliver the performance your business relies on. TVNL understands that networks must be flexible, tailored to meet communication needs, compliant with regulation and corporate governance and also aligned with industry standards. Most importantly, we know that networks should simply work as seamlessly facilitating your organization's changing communication needs.

Through a comprehensive range of services, adaptable scale, and in-depth networking expertise, we keep organizations connected and communicating as“ through their networks.


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