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TVNL IT Audits solutions provide our clients with complete visibility of what is on their network, including all active network equipments as well as desktop, laptops, servers’ right through to network printers and all network accessories. We are also able to find and identify the growing number of items introduced to the workplace by your employees; such as Flash Drives, USB Sticks etc.
The objective of the TVNL IT Audit is to provide your business with critical information about your IT environment. The audit will provide stake holders with access to reliable information about your IT assets, therefore allowing you to make more informed decisions as they relate to the finances, security and productivity of your IT assets.

Our Security operations and management service includes:
  • Security information management systems (SIMS)
  • Event logging and correlation analysis
  • Security monitoring
  • Security configuration management and change detection systems
  • Remediation/forensics
  • Distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack response and mitigation
  • Virus/malware/spyware containment and removal
  • Security forensic investigations
  • Response strategies and remediation


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