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TVNL Solutions focuses on delivering Advanced Technology solutions that bring the most value to your business. Our five-step process of plan, design, integrate, operate and optimize ensures that the solutions we provide fit the needs of your business. At the beginning of every project, our Networked Solutions assigns an account manager, a pre-sales engineer and a principal engineer to the project.
Our pre-sales engineers receive extensive product training from the technology manufacturers we represent. At the beginning of a project, TVNL Networked Solutions can perform proactive security audits and network assessments to ensure that potential problem areas are identified before your project is implemented. In short, our pre-sales engineers provide valuable project consulting before the project starts to ensure that your IT investment addresses your business needs.

Our pre-sales service includes the followings :
  • Help customers to prepare request for proposal (RFP) for their projects.
  • Prepare the High level design & low level design.
  • Provide project implementation plan.


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