IT Consulting Services

As one of the leading information technology-consulting firms, Tech Valley Networks Limited delivers custom-tailored IT consultancy services and business. IT support for organizations of any size. By collaborating with Tech Valley Networks Limited, we can help lead your organization forward with highly effective IT strategies.

Annual Maintenance Contract

We also hold expertise in offering our customers regular and prompt Annual Maintenance Contract Service (AMC Services). As we understand that maintenance is an essential step.

Cloud Service

Our cloud-based services seek to deliver industry-specific functionality. Helps clients meet certain regulatory requirements. Cloud services include online data storage and backup solutions, Web-based e-mail services, hosted office suites and document collaboration services, database processing, managed technical support services and more.

Professional Managed Services

Tech Valley Networks Limited , has a highly experienced and skilled professional staff. Tech Valley Networks Limited, designed to be customized to meet any customer requirements and needs.

Security Operation Center

We recognize that every enterprise has its own unique security requirements based on the market. Based on market segment we offer various packages for SOC (Security Operation Center).

Video Conferencing Services

We also provide video conferencing services to our clients. We design secure and scalable end-to-end solution to your specific needs.

Network Infrastructure & Integration

Network Infrastructure and Integration designs high-level networks. We assist in the selection and procurement of any new required products. Perform the installation, set up the system, and execute crucial data transfer to achieve a seamless transition to a new network. We provide detailed documentation to ensure a smooth project execution.

Saas, Paas

Our Saas (Service as a service) packages eliminates the expense of hardware acquisition, provisioning and maintenance. As well as software licensing, installation and support. Our Paas (Platform as a service) packages provides much of the infrastructure and other Information Technical services. Allowing users can access anywhere via a web browser.

Tech Valley Networks